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important election of our lifetime. people feel that way because the one that you're in. i do think that obama's victory could create a major ideological shift in the country. and obama's losing could have something to do with where we were a decade ago. it can be very unique and very promising. we could be doing some major advancement that would be great for the environment. obviously, the youth vote is very critical. it is also very unusual that people care so much. [inaudible] so you are lucky and blessed to be listening to and to be part of this election. >> tim? >> though, i wanted people to step up a little bit. we talked about fiscally conservative people, and i would like to see some socially liberal liberals. we didn't get into the juggler or civil liberties were a bunch of other things. and i would like to see something from the left. as far as i can see, we have gone butkus on all those issues. every couple of years, there is a big debate that are held in some false. a connection between libertarians and conservatives, is coming to an end? my friend, jonah goldberg, says
these secrets, um, and this is an affront on democracy. you know, we have elected leaders,. >> yet the -- and yet "the new york times" or the individual leaker is talking about drones. i think what i was saying earlier provides a partial response which is that that rests on a very thin, implausible conception of democracy in the sense that our elected leaders have effectively blessed talking to scott shane about these things, um, in their practices if not in the laws they technically, they put on paper. no senior government official has ever been prosecuted for leaking. there's been hardly -- there's been almost zero disciplinary action. there hasn't been much energy or resources invested in finding leakers, much less going after them. in light of that longstanding background, it's not crazy to think that the government has in some practical sense, um, actually has kind of blessed "the new york times" to play a certain role within bounds. >> yeah. i mean, i guess the hard part i have is i agree with you at the sociological level, but there's no sociological defense for drake. those
.m. eastern. >> through election day, what are coverage. coming up next, the u.s. air relations. including the discussion of the relationship between u.s., israel, and iran. then we will hear the "washington post" cybersecurity summit. we have several live events to tell you about tomorrow. gregorie dinero will be on to discuss the future of the army. and president obama's campaign rally at the university of colorado, boulder. that is on c-span. [cheers] [applause] >> all right, let's get what documents the coolidge family during the white house years. and also before. >> part of the coolidge family papers. we have one box of photographs. then we have several boxes of other documents. photographs are heavy. the album should be in the back here. here it is. unfortunately, it is on lack civics paper. there's not much we can do about that because we don't want to change the artifact nature of the album itself. starting to crack, some of these pages are separating. this is a photograph of calvin coolidge the day before he became president. he was in plymouth, vermont, visiting his father, doin
is about to proceed in a form away shortly after the election and play out early next year, this leadership really does face some very fundamental issues can they open up the political process and dealing with the very substantial measure of distrust in the population. so that situation will be exacerbated if economic growth slows, people will be put out of work, or pesants coming in to the eastern provinces looking for higher incomes will be disappointed. i think the perspective of some significant instability are going to be part of the game. now what about external relations? the effort to create a greater, which we say strategic equilibrium through the rebalancing process is a risky one. it's risky because the chinese are viewing what we're up to not as an effort to maintain stabilityd in the region, to maintain the kind of working relations that have preventedded all of the historical animosity that recently surfaced with japan and with other countries to keep them under control. as we know from very interesting study that ken put out, high level of distrust on both sides. so the dange
the distraction from the fiscal chaos will see after the election around these issues. what i would worry about is not so much the direct impact on ice, much more the stock markets, much more how it will affect other countries. to take europeans and throw an interest in risk premium globally as everyone got scared in the running running into u.s. treasuries paradoxically because we stabilize expectations of the u.s. fiscal policy. what's that going to do to spread entrance or italy or spain? it's only going to go down. so our ability to damage the world is very important. i still worry how they come back to us through the financial system and how the impacts is more affect this. i don't think anybody here is evil. they're just doing their job. [inaudible] [laughter] >> i'm not a lawyer and i hesitate to say this in a group of lawyers, but don't lawyers have responsibility to zealously advocate on behalf of their clients? >> that's what we teach. >> within the bounds of the law. >> that the people are doing. i don't know they're evil because we haven't been publicly prosecuted. so it's an intere
into the election year, that nobody was going to spend any time on it, and it has been remarkable how the candidates have been on the subject, given how much of it we have talked about. significant things like tax policy and policies on deficits. i think there is going to be a long period of time before we will get any action on this. i'm just talking about when someone puts out an idea, which has to be challenged in congress and debated, and then you get something fast, and then you have the implementation. after all, think about where we are as far as implementation in terms of obamacare. unfortunately, i am very pessimistic about when we finally get resolution. >> yes, sir. >> i am a student at harvard kennedy school. you started your remarks talking about the incredible remarks before the conservatorship. as we think about the entities that will follow, how we think about creating an appropriate amount of political installation against lobbying when it comes to capital requirements or appropriately pricing governments guarantee? >> that is a real important question. i can tell you that during my
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6